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Does your household washing machine only be used for washing clothes? Don’t be afraid to use it in a slightly unconventional way and wash it with, for example, car mats or shoes. What can be washed in the washing machine? Don’t worry and make the most of her abilities!

Boldly into the washing machine with the shoes

You don’t have to be afraid to throw shoes into the washing machine. If you follow a few principles, the result may just surprise you pleasantly and you will never want to scrub your shoes in your hand again. Not all shoes belong to the washing machine. It decides the material from which they are made. Keep in mind that linen or textile shoes can withstand the washing machine from time to time, but shoes made of quality leather or suede will definitely not.

Before putting it in the washing machine, it is necessary to remove the insoles from the shoes, pull out the laces, clean the coarse dirt and grease. The basis of a quality result is to use an easily soluble gel and start a program with low temperature and speed. Also reduce the speed to a minimum and turn off squeezing.

Wash the carpet as well

Another car wash is a car mat. They are the ones who most often get caught in the vehicle and stick to dirt and dust on them. Always wash the rugs at a low temperature and do not overdo it with washing powder. However, do not forget to knock them out thoroughly before washing and remove pieces of mud and dirt.

What about shower curtains?

You also don’t have to scrub shower curtains in your hand, but there is an easier way. Throw them in the washing machine and you will save a lot of time. However, as curtains are a place that is prone to bacteria and fungi, do not underestimate washing. It is ideal to wash them twice. The first time with half the amount of washing powder and the second time with 1 dcl of acetic acid. Select a program at 40 ° C. The curtain must be washed regularly, preferably every three months, to get rid of bacteria and the curtain will not smell.

How to make curtains?

You definitely don’t have to carry curtains to the dry cleaner’s. You can playfully deal with them at home. It is enough to wash the curtains inside the net bag so that they are not destroyed or torn off in the washing machine, but otherwise they are safe. Even with heavier soiling, however, choose a low temperature, otherwise they could condense.

What not to wash?

On the other hand, there are things that have nothing to do in the washing machine. One of them is memory foam. Although pillows made from it simply need to be washed once in a while, it is not wise to put them in the washing machine. Foam can lose its strength or even disintegrate due to chemicals and mechanical movement. Extra large items such as duvets or blankets should not be washed in the washing machine. If a substance does not have the opportunity to move, it will not only not be washed, but it can also be twisted or even torn in various ways. Overloading the washing machine itself can also be a problem. You must also forget about wool, velvet and cashmere.